well, this'll be the last post for awhile. tomorrow i fly out for england, and i'll be there till june 6th. i'm too cheap to use an internet cafe, so if there are any updates between 11 am tomorrow morning and sometime on the 6th or 7th, it's an imposter. the one thing that i am definitely going to try is a guiness, though i've also been told to try a cuban cigar... i'll have to look for one of those also. that's one of england's many benefits, i guess... they're not within swimming distance of cuba. if there's anything else that i absolutely need to try, feel free to email me, menoichius@hotmail.com. i'm running out of stuff to say, so i'm going to play some farcry--amazing game, even on my horribly inadequate computer--and get killed a few times. farewell all. to any college students who haven't taken finals yet... hahahaha!