did i mention how much the school network sucks?

probably. but if not, here goes: the school network really(e14) sucks. we had everybody hooked back up to the internet for a day or so; but somebody wasn't doing their job, and there was still a virus floating around. so we didn't have it all day today. i was actually surprised to see it up again when i went to check my school email a few minutes ago.

originally, i think i had something important to blog about. if it was, it should come back to me; if not, it probably wasn't worth putting up anyways, so no big deal. one fun note, though; the feinstein-schumer (names may be misspelled, as may the word mispelled... i'm not sure about that one) gun control law expired today, meaning that average, law-abiding citizens are once more able to defend themselves against criminals with ak-47s. while i understand what they were going for with the laws, i think they're pointless; the people committing all the gun crimes are obviously criminals already... they're not gonna care if their gun is illegal, as long as it makes it easier to get what they want (money, death, etc.). that's like telling al-qaeda "you know, blowing people up is kind of illegal... you really shouldn't do it."

and a random quote... i'm just going to start going through my collection, and hopefully remember to put one on each post.

"The real threat to world stability is not too much American power. It is too little American power." --Michael Mandelbaum, Johns Hopkins University