revenge will be had

just ponder this question for a minute... what's better than a fire alarm going off in your dorm at 3:30 in the morning? no, the answer isn't "nothing." the answer is "another fire alarm going off in your dorm 15 minutes later." seems the boys over in macmillan (mac) hall thought it would be fun to start up the prank war again. somebody snuck into the dorm, threw a bunch of bread into the oven in the kitchen and turned it up on high, then proceeded to steal several of the shirts hanging in the halls before running off. the first fire alarm was their fault; the second one was due to the ineptitude of the security guy who came buy to check it out. he found the bread (now fairly burnt toast) in the oven, and shut the oven off. but he didn't take it out of the oven, or even open the door. this oven, like most ovens, was designed to keep things inside of it hot; in this case, it kept right on burning the bread, and 15 minutes later enough smoke had accumulated to set the alarm off again. needless to say, everyone was a little pissed at that point. and this time, we will not sit back and turn the other cheek; the men of baldwin-jenkins will have their revenge.