yay! i have a friend again!

yeah, so basically i've hardly seen my friends at all this summer. they were all (except trevor, who was stuck in iraq) home for about a week for jon's wedding; but then josiah went back to alabama to finish flight school, rachel went back to work in southern california, and jon and his wife headed down to mexico. i got to spend some time with kate-lynne, but then she left for europe for about a month and a half, and just got back on tuesday.

ok, that's enough complaining for now. i've only got 2 days of work left (yes!), and then it's back to school and writing papers again. for now? back to the RISK board.

oh yeah... and i'll be posting some random pics making fun of the john's edwards and kerry; partly because i think they're funny, and partly in an attempt to piss off forrest. here's the first:

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

there are some more i have that target liberals and democrats in general... watch out for those too.