national insult week, day 3

i'm feeling lazy, so this won't be as big as the other days. in fact, it won't be much of anything.

target: congress

especially the republican part of congress, which seems to have lost its balls. you've got the majority in congress... start acting like it. because right now, it looks to me like you're more concerned about getting reelected than you are about doing what's right and good for the country. you're following opinion polls like you were democrats. and you can only say "the democrats are nutcases, so compared to them we're still doing good" for so long. after awhile, being relatively good isn't any good any more, and ultimately you start to suck.

congress: how hard could it be to pass a balanced budget? go back to the constitution. if there are any programs not mentioned there, get rid of them. we don't want to be a welfare state. this country was founded by a spirit of "rugged individualism," by people who were not afraid to take care of themselves. life would have been much easier had the founding fathers said "screw it, we'll stay with britain." but easier is not better. if things are easy, you've got no motivation to excell; if being good enough (or even being a drain on society) gets you as much or more attention and assistance (welfare, etc.) as going above and beyond, going the extra mile, then why go to any extra effort?

ok, i think that's about it for now. i'd love to rant some more, but without the research that i really don't feel like doing right now, this post will remain just that--ranting.