national insult week, day 4

yeah, this is going to be another lame one. this is harder than it looks... i probably should have put some actual planning into this idea before i started it. oh well.

target: treehuggers/greenies

first off, one of my favorite expressions:
"Earth first: we'll log the other planets later!"
even better, someone seems to have turned it into a (fairly lame) song, complete with tabs.

yes, that's from an actual shirt. good times.

then, we have this variation on the saying:
"Earth first! We'll pave the other planets later."
This site actually has a whole section devoted to it, only it's labeled "sarcasm." if you visit it, you'll see why. these people are some pretty liberal nuts.
then there's the easiest target, ralph nader. who, some liberals would argue, cost gore the election in 2000. except that would be like comparing him to ross perot, who quite possibly cost george h.w. bush the 1992 election, claiming nearly 19% of the popular vote. nader, on the other hand, topped out at under 3%, and over the course of his three runs is averaging about 1.25%. not really that great. [for that last paragraph, all of those statistics i pulled out can be found here. unfortunately, the site does not allow direct links to specific election years. otherwise, it's great.]

poor ralph. unfortunately, the button seems to be right.
in one more fun ralph moment (which rachel should remember, along with a few other friends), back in 2000 we saw a vote for ralph nader poster--that was nailed to a tree. which i hope was intentional on the part of the person who put it up, because if not, they're a moron.

ok, done for tonight. that was not quite as lame as i had anticipated, but still not great. oh well. only 3 days left. if i remember to do one of these next year, i'll be sure to plan it out ahead of time.