nope. i never really woke up yesterday. but today is friday, which means several things. first, no class tomorrow... always a plus. second, we're tripping tonight; playing fantasy trip, not doing drugs. unless you count caffeine, because i'm planning on picking up some Bawls for tonight. good stuff, even better than mountain dew. more expensive, though.

on a side note, i'm really pissed at a computer game i'm playing right now... arcanum. i was working on the quest that would make me a "master marksman," and not having much luck. so i beefed by guy up again, thinking i just needed to be a little bit better to take this gang out. that much was true... i was able to finish off the gang. unfortunately, i managed to save right as they finished killing the woman i was supposed to save. and since i'm playing as a technologist, my handy scrolls of resurrection decided that they didn't want to work for me. bastards. so i went back to talk to the guy who gave me the quest (THE master marksman), and when he hears they lady died, he commits suicide. i got a cool gun off of his dead body, but i would've been able to make one just like it eventually, so the whole thing kinda sucked.

i realize this was a rather odd post, but it's all you're getting for today. i'm gonna be tripping from right after dinner till bedtime, whenever that may be. later.

and somehow, my side note ended up being longer than my main note... i'm not entirely sure how that works, but oh well.