homework sucks. for the most part, i find history to be pretty dang interesting. fun to read about, fun to learn about, wish i was there, etc. but then i get assigned books like "history and historians: a historiographical introduction," and i really wonder what happened to these people as they were studying history. for those of you who aren't history majors, i'll attempt an allegory/analogy/whatever: pretend you really like superman comics. you love to read them, like getting into the story, etc. and then all of a sudden, you pick up the newest issue, and the author has gone out of his way to make it boring. it's like they're saying "this is what i have to say, and i don't care what you think." and then pretend those incredibly boring comics become assigned reading... now you have my life.

so now i actually have to go do some of that homework... reading from "how many times do you think we can put the word 'history' in the title" and then writing a paper on it. yippee!