well, mad props to mel gibson. i got to the theater an hour early today and still couldn't get tickets for his movie. i've heard it was amazing, so i'm a little irked that i didn't get to see it tonight. oh well... sometime later. in the mean time, i am incredibly bored. our gm for fantasy trip is gone to a karate competition for the weekend, so that's obviously not happening. i'm actually thinking about doing homework... if anybody is within driving distance of whitworth college, come smack me upside the head and discourage me from it.

this may make me even more of a nerd, but "buffy the vampire slayer" is actually a pretty cool show.

that's about it. i need to figure out my own server sometime so i can put up pictures and other entertaining stuff here. but for now, i guess my daily or every-other-daily activities will have to be enough to keep you all occupied.