this may or may not be a long blog, depending on how much i remember as i'm typing.

1) disappearing act
well, i thought maybe they were sick, but it's official: both the hottest girl on campus and the girl i have a crush on (at least i think i do... i'm not sure how much of that is just my hormones) have dropped out of the class i had with them. which is kind of a bummer, but it does means there are less distractions in class now.

2) economics with cannon
well, not exactly. i'm actually trying to make an analogy, when i say that i wish ideas about history was more interesting. dale soden is a friggin awesome professor, but there's not a whole lot he can do with this class. maybe i'll take history of the viet nam war w/ him next semester... i've heard that was cool. if any of you reading this have never attended wenatchee valley college, this analogy probably makes no sense, so just nod, smile, and scroll down.

3) actually, that was it
yeah, so unless you're a new reader and you're reading this from the newest to oldest posts, you really don't need to scroll down anymore. in fact, at this point, i think we can both (all?) find something more constructive to do.