yes, believe it or not, i actually was going to get up this morning and run again. really. and then it snowed. maybe if i hadn't been out of track for so long (we ran in the snow quite often, actually), i would've gone for it. but not today.

on the dark side of things, i have a midterm tomorrow that i haven't even started studying for. on top of that, i have to turn in a bibliography and thesis for a research paper in another class... and so far me and my one source are still working on that whole thesis thing. they're overrated, right?

that's about it, really. my family is over for State B basketball this weekend, so i'm gonna go out to dinner with them some night. yay for the break from saga! and it'll be cool to see them again.

ok, i think that's really all. don't expect anything more today. if there are anymore posts within the next 24 hours, it means i'm a glutton for punishment, and really didn't feel like studying or coming up w/ a bibliography.