wow. apparently people are stupider than i thought. according to a recent poll, a majority of people think that the war in iraq has increased the threat of terrorism in the world. they obviosly haven't noticed that nearly all the attacks (excluding those by palestinians against israelis) since the war started have been in iraq... the terrorists' home turf, not ours.

and for all those democratic senators--who probably don't read this, unfortunately--who've complained about all the troops lost in iraq since the end of "major combat operations"... how about you look right out the senate windows, if it has any? more people were lost in washington, dc, last year than in iraq since the end of major combat operations. and those were probably innocent civilians, not planning on the possibility of getting killed. there was no draft for this war; when someone enlists in the armed forces, they know what they're getting themselves into. a soldier's job is to fight, and if necessary to die, to defend our country and freedom. for that, i salute them. if any soldiers happen to run into this site: keep up the good work guys (and gals).

and al gore, since you invented the internet, you might run into this some time. if you do, tell your buddy hilary clinton that i am the "right wing" that she's so worried about.

ok, i think that's enough venting for today. i just found out that my neighbor's roommate is basically a socialist, so i'm feeling a little insecure right now. remember kids: better dead than red.