my blood hurts. well, maybe just my legs. i started running again yesterday, and my body really hates me for it. i was planning on running this morning too, but my legs used their executive veto, and i slept in instead.

in other news, john kerry is (still) a hypocrite. after criticizing president bush for going into iraq too soon, kerry is now saying that bush was "late, as usual" when it came to dealing with the situation in haiti. kerry is also both for and against tax cuts, for and against the war in iraq, for and against abortion, etc., depending on who he's talking to at any give time. sounds like he's trying to emulate bill clinton. john, i'm sorry, but you're no match for slick willy. why don't you just quit now, content in the knowledge that your father-in-law, mr. heinz, will die someday and leave your wife an enormous fortune.

and a belated congratulations to ralph nader for entering the presidential race. maybe he'll be able to draw enough stupid people away from the crowd of stupid people voting democratic that the election won't be as ridiculously close as it was in 2000.

i'll leave you for now with something i thought was really funny:

"Here's an idea for a Bush campaign ad: Scene: Osama bin Laden, Mullah Omar and their cronies are in their cave, eating popcorn. The cave is dimly illuminated by the light of a television set. They're watching a clip from the Wisconsin Democratic debate. Questioner: 'Senator Kerry, President Bush described himself as a war president. He said he's got war on his mind as he considers these policies and decisions he has to make. If you were elected, would you see yourself as a war president?' Kerry: 'I'd see myself first of all as a jobs president, as a health care president, as an education president and also an environmental president. So I would see myself as a very different kind of global leader than George Bush.' Cut to Osama and Mullah Omar high-fiving each other, throwing the popcorn up in the air. One henchman in the background is grinning while waving a 'Kerry for President' banner." --Jonah Goldberg