wow. it was actually really nice here today... almost 70 degrees this afternoon. and then it had to turn around and rain. stupid weather. it kept me from playing frisbee. but instead of doing homework--which the weather was perfect for--i just found other ways to procrastinate. of course.

do you ever feel like people are expecting too much out of you? cause that's how i feel right now. but it's mostly me expecting too much out of me. i know that i'm smarter than average. and even though i often have a sort of "good enough" attitude about work, i also tend to freak out at myself for not actually doing good enough. it's getting really discouraging. if any or all of you could throw up a prayer for me, that would be great.

on the bright side... well, all i really have to look forward to right now is my trip to britain in may. so we'll see what happens there.

hopefully it won't happen, but if i continue in this depressing style of updates, feel free to whack me upside the head. it's surprising how helpful something like that can be.