so apparently i'm just allergic to updating on the weekends or something; i definitely had plenty of time. oh well. hopefully everybody is out doing something more entertaining than reading my blog on the weekends, so i guess it doesn't matter.

i finally saw "the passion" on saturday. wow. dang powerful movie. closest i've ever come to crying in the theater... if i hadn't been making a conscious effort not to, i'm sure it would've happened at several points. all in all, i'd have to say that it was a dang good movie... my only complaints were technical. i've actually taken quite a bit of flak for them, with people saying "that's not the point." umm... duh. i know that's not the point. but if mel gibson is planning on making any more movies, this is something to watch out for in the future. i'm not going to bother listing them here, because i'll probably just end up irked at more people. if for some odd reason you feel it absolutely necessary to know my views, feel free to drop me a line at menoichius@hotmail.com. otherwise, suck it up and deal with it... and go see the movie.