yay for extra days off. on friday, our faculty here at good old whitworth decided they needed to develop themselves; since they were busy doing that, we had no class that day. and yet i still managed to wake up at 9, right on time for a morning run that i didn't do. go figure.

on the bright side, fantasy trip is going pretty well. yeah, you thought i'd stop talking about that, didn't you? ha! too bad. you either get to put up with it or scroll down. life as a vampire is going great... i am now officially a puppetmaster, being indiretly in charge of one of the great houses of the empire. i am a little irked, though... we found some really cool armor, but nobody can use it. it's paladin's armor, so i'm too evil, our other warrior is now a monk, our mage can't wear it if he wants to keep casting spells, and it doesn't fit our female member or the hobbits. oh well... at least it'll look nice in a display case somewhere.

on an even brighter side, spring break starts on friday. on the not so bright side, i have to skip my classes on friday, cause my ride is leaving early. and on what i would say is completely into the dark side, i'm going to have to spend a good chunk of spring break reading and taking notes for my research papers.

yeah, that's about it. midterm tomorrow, and 3 papers to write this week. life is good.