the previous post needs a correction... sort of. apparently the site i linked to with the tax information was way off, the guy didn't have his numbers straight. read forrest's comment to my last post... he sets it out pretty well, and i'm too tired/lazy to type it all out again. i don't know if his numbers are any more accurate--i haven't gone through the math myself--but he makes some good points, and his numbers make more sense. you're not going to increase tax revenue by lowering taxes; it's not like a business, where you can lower prices to attract more customers. i can't think of anyone who would suddenly get an urge to start paying taxes just because the rates were lower.

anyways... in my defense, i was up at 4 this morning for work, so i haven't exactly been at the top of my game today. check the original link, check forrest's numbers, and if you know anything about math, figure it out for yourself. taxes aren't that important to me... i still don't make enough to pay them. i just don't trust john kerry to run this country.

reminder to all 2 or 3 people who actually read this: make sure you get more news than i put up. i like to think that i'm fairly accurate, but i am definitely a biased source.