john kerry: what exactly did he volunteer for?

not viet nam, though he may have known that he was going to end up there anyways. today's federalist patriot points out that when john kerry enlisted in the navy, it was as an inactive reserve officer. knowing that the federalist has a fairly biased view of the presidential candidates, i decided to check on that for myself. lo and behold, they were right. so in that sense at least, kerry is no better than bush. neither of them wanted to go to viet nam; just because kerry ended up there doesn't make him somehow superior. if my english teacher could see that last sentence, she would flip.

kerry's medals may also be iffy, but i'm not going to attack those... i really don't know enough about them. he had to have done pretty good to even have a chance of faking them (i.e., there should be no argument that he at least did his duty, and possibly went above and beyond), so i would like to thank senator kerry--because of course he reads this--for his valiant efforts on behalf of the united states. i don't appreciate his bad-mouthing fellow soldiers when he returned, but there's really nothing i can do about that now.

check out this site for some interesting info on kerry's silver star, but be sure to check as many sources as possible before making a decision... try and get a good balanced view.

for now, i'm off to enjoy my three days off from work. hopefully i'll remember to keep this place updated. farewell.