work, and freedom

alright... only got off work an hour late last night. it was my first time closing, and for some reason they had me doing it solo. i'm good, but not that good. but i talked with the manager at work this morning, and apparantly i did a really good job; apart from the whole hour late thing, that is. he said "a few more tries and you'll have it down." maybe. but i'm running out of time for those few more tries. i'm headed back to school on the 6th, and if they're really strict about joining the union, my job may be over before then. the union wants $32/month from me, plus however much the "initiation fee" is. if it's anything over $20, i'm just going to quit. i don't think i should have to pay to work. my non-union work period runs out in 5 days, so i'm just not going to say anything and see if they notice.

on the bright side, i have the next two days off. my RISK board is progressing nicely... i'm going to do south america and maybe africa tonight, australia and maybe africa tomorrow, and hopefully finish up asia on monday. then it'll be time to draw in some temporary borders and do a few different shades of the respective colors (green for asia, blue for europe, etc.) for the different regions. and paint the units. but it's been ridiculously hard to find all the little army men i'm going to need. i'm going to need about 100 more, and i'm running out of places to look. i bought up the only ones hooked on toys had at the time, and the dollar store only had huge things (about 5 or 6 inches tall... way too big for what i'm doing). hopefully i can get that all taken care of before school starts. if not, i'll have to come home for fall break and work nonstop to finish it up.

i think thats about it. if anybody has any suggestions for the board, units, or life in general, let me know.