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fire is cool, as long as it's not on a large scale. like the "fischer fire", which nearly doubled in size over the last 24 hours, to around 11,000 acres. unfortunately i can't get a good link (you can try this one, but i'm not sure how well it will work) to the news, but here's the copy-paste version:

USA - The wind-blown Fischer fire has grown to more than 11,000 acres.

<>(AP) - Fire officials say its growth overnight is partly due to it moving into dry brush and grass in the Ollala Canyon area. The fire 20 miles northwest of Wenatchee has destroyed one home and damaged another residence and an outbuilding. No one has been injured. <>Smoke from the fire forced crews to temporarily close Highway 2, between Cashmere and Dryden.

Information officers said winds were expected to decrease Wednesday but a chance of isolated thunderstorms remained.

Sweet! that's like 40 miles from my house. the smoke up here as been pretty bad up here in waterville, and it's even worse where i work down in east wenatchee. at some points, i could barely see from one side of the columbia to the other. crazy stuff. hopefully i'll have some pictures of all the smoke and stuff up in the next day or so.

i can't remember what other random stuff i was going to put up, so here's a quote:
"The media often mention 'ultra-conservatives' but never 'ultra-liberals.' Have ultra-liberals become extinct, gotten lost, or met with foul play? We cannot ignore the fate of fellow human beings, even if we differ with them politically. At the very least, we can report them as missing persons." --Thomas Sowell