hodge podge

got a variety of topics for you tonight.

first off, i hate my job. we're horribly undermanned, the youngest person besides me is in their mid-30s, and they didn't train me on about half the things i should be using, which makes me much less useful than i could be. i'd like to go into more detail, but that would take too long. so i'll just leave it at "i hate my job."

second, it's nice to know that californians aren't totally crazy. today, the state supreme court decided unanimously that gavin newsom (mayor of san francisco) overstepped his authority when he issued marriage lisences to gay/lesbian couples, and decided by a 5-2 margin to nullify the 4,000 or so homosexual marriages that took place. go here for more info.

and i forgot what i was going to talk about next, so i'll just leave with the following comment. i had been planning on leaving the country if worst came to worst and kerry became president. however, due to a lack of funds, this would not actually be the case. if he does manage to get himself elected, i'll just have to borrow a line from band of brothers: "salute the rank, not the man." i wouldn't like him, but he would still be our commander-in-chief. life will go on, even if it does suck for the next four years.

i lied about leaving with that... here's an interesting tidbit i found: "For all the competing poll numbers, there is one irrefutable fact which should sober up Democrats leaving Boston. Since Republicans and Democrats began facing off in 1856, there have been 26 presidential elections. With the exception of Franklin Delano Roosevelt and Lyndon Johnson, no Democrat has won more than 50.1% of the vote in American history. Democrats can and do win national elections, but there is scant evidence they have a natural majority in a two-person race." --John Fund