a week for weird dreams

i'm going to blame it on getting the early shift at work... that's been throwing off my sleep schedule. this time i was at a different friend's house (only she doesn't live there anymore), and we were trying to kill her demon-possessed cat (she doesn't have a cat). we tried beating it against the wall, and that didn't work. then we tried drowning it in the sink, but as soon as it hit the water, there was a puff of smoke and it disappeared. i ran back to the other room to help her with some other possessed creature/object (not sure which), and she said "no you idiot, don't leave it alone!" i turned around, and sure enough, the cat was running out the door. at that point, the dream ended. at least i think it did... for all i know, we could still be running around somewhere in my subconscious, chasing down the cat with a shotgun or something.

and a fairly humorous quote i found, which has nothing to do with demons or cats.

"Al-Sadar [sic] may have suffered two shrapnel wounds. One more and he'll have enough purple hearts to go to Massachusetts!" --anonymous